First ideas

09 Apr

Me and Doru worked togheter and we came with our first “stuff” about the project. We made a sketch on paper and a list of the most important categories accessed by users: Favorite Pages, Business, News and Weather, Home Banking, Agenda, Email, Jobs, Education, Entertaiment, Social Networks, Shopping, Wish List, Travels and Currency.

We also made some observations:

  • Each user can choose any category from the list or create a new one. Also, users will have the posibility to arrange the icons by their priorities.
  • We will add to browser the option to switch between opened pages.(see picture below)

  • Our browser won’t contain flash, because takes time to load.
  • Users will have the posibility to customize and change their profile, choose a theme, set a language and populate their categories.
  • Our goals are: easy access, higher speed, security and better structure.

We posts below the sketch and we hope we’ll have the wireframe soon.

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Posted by on April 9, 2011 in Project Solutions


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