Some details and scenarios for my solution

11 Apr

Regarding my post, I propose a solution that involves an web application with similar functionalities like a browser. The application would provide a search engine (Google or Yahoo), access to Google Maps, to Email accounts, to social websites accounts, News and other on-line services for different interest and activity areas.

I was thinking about reducing the users’ working domains or social status. Since they suppose to be very busy people, to solve their many problems and needs, I’ve restricted the tasks like managing to do lists, meeting, agendas, accounts, calendar, schedule or managing activity and personal responsibilities to be accomplished by users who are businessmen with families or another kind of managers who must be up to date with everything in real time.

The users would have the possibilities to customize their domains of interests categories, recent activity, to rearrange their workspace, to access and process in a very quick way the tasks and feel comfortable and safe

using the functionalities of the application.

I’ve sketched some scenarios for my solution.

First refers to the About page:






The Sing in and Sing up scenes look like this:

Sign in:






Sign up:






Opening some useful items, like Calendar or reading News or reading Yahoo emails:

Calendar opened by clicking on the link displayed like suggestive picture/icon in the right side:






Reading News:






Reading Yahoo Emails:









Adding new “To Do List” look like this:









Adding Category or Widget actioning the +add button:









Adding Widget :









Deleting a category actioning -delete button:









Other adds and deletes are similar with the ones above as functionalities.

Dealing with the search engine, a possible search would look like this:

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