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I posted below the video about our final browser. Enjoy!

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Basic implementation

We would like to show you some screens of our project. So far we have a basic implementation of the main page of the web application which contains the sidebars menu, the top bar with “go back”, “go forward” and “refresh” buttons, the search engine with advanced search on the web (Google search api) and the “Sign Up”, “Sign in” and “About” links. We’ve also implemented a tab menu in which we would like the pages as “About”, search results, categories, saved link and widgets to appear.

Mainly, to develop and to create interaction in our application we used html code, javascripts and jquery UI library and php for “Sign in”, “Sign up” pages.

For now, the main page looks like this:

Activating the “+” button to add new tab in the tab bar, a new empty tab will appear. Tabs have the sortable property, they can be switched between them and they look like this:

In the “About” tab is opened the page “About” by clicking the link from the top bar and looks like this:

The sidebars are opening on mouse over them action and disappear if the cursor lives the area.

The left side bar looks like this:

and the right sidebar looks like this:

On each them there will be icons of categories, links and widgets which are going to be opened in tabs.

Introducing words in the search bar, the results relative to the information searched are going to appear in the “Results” tab. The advanced search provides the options for searching pieces of information, images, videos and news relative to the introduced words.

A web search looks like this and the results are displayed similar with google results, with links relative to the search input. On the bottom of the results, there is a “more” button for displaying  8 more found results:

Searching for images looks like this:

Searching for videos looks like this:

And news search looks like this:

New steps in developing and designing the project are going to be fallowed by our team to deliver the best final solution.

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