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And another one (meeting)

Yesterday we had another meeting. We all presented what we’ve found out from our research. Also we choose what each of us will implement. For our newt meeting, which will happen next week, we should implement a part of the application. Anda will take care of the search bar and tabs, Roxana will use AJAX for all pop-ups, Doru will make the slidebar and I will make the register/login/settings pages.

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Another meeting

Yesterday we had another meeting. We’ve disscused what programing language to use, what we know and what should we search for. We agreed to search for tabs and web search implementation, AJAX pop-ups, sliders and document on how the database should look like. On the next meeting we will start the actual implementation.

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Another meeting

Yesterday we had another meeting…a really long one. We decided which of the third concept we shall develop. Our big surprise was that we didn;t like any one so we created a new one with the good things from all the other three. After this, we divided the work (personas, use case, wireframe, storyboard) between us. We’re hopping for another meeting tonight. Finger crossed for our video!

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Third concept

I will post now the third concept for this project.

The first/home page looks like :

When you click the settings button, and then click the “add categry” button, you will see something like :

Now, selecting a category from the top.

And then, selecting a link :


So, this is the basic third concept design.

Now we have to decide which concept is the best for us and which one we shall implement.

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Nowadays, more and more people are using modern technology and internet. They are also very busy and need some kind of administration form for their needs. In this case personal agendas are not useful any more.

Because of this, we thought of providing an innovative solution for a better interaction between very busy people and their favorite browser.

We should take in consideration factors like user profile (demographics, social status, background knowledge, preferences, mood,…), current agenda, environment, and other significant aspects.

We hope of providing a browser in a multi-platform context (multiple operating systems or devices, geographical locations, using many languages). Also we want to give an “intelligent” behavior concerning browsing history.



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First meeting

Today we had our first meeting. We’ve discussed about how the blog should look like, the basic requirements.

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